About us!

Our Mission

Our mission is to raise money to donate to English Mastiff rescue organizations, and to encourage healthier futures of English Mastiffs through responsible breeding, and to support English Mastiff health research projects. 

Everyone's hard work, donations, support and encouragement is what makes the picnic a success!

2018 Beneficiaries

We are honored to announce this year's Rescue recipients. Proceeds from the Mastiff Picnic will be broken down and distributed as follows:

Great Lakes Mastiff Rescue 17.5%

Southern States Mastiff Rescue 17.5%

Mastiff Rescue of Florida 17.5%

Friends of Rescued Mastiffs 5%

Garden State Mastiff Rescue 17.5%

Mastiff Research 5%

Mastiff Picnic 20%

Our 17th Annual Picnic Logo

It gives us great joy to announce the dogs that grace our 17th Annual Picnic Logo!  Left: Cash  Middle: Pepper and Right: Charlie

Owners: Ken & Lucy Parschauer, Dave & Tammy Kinkade, Marge Lutz.

The Mastiff Picnic logo will be stamped on all of our merchandise for sale, either pre-order or for purchase at the Picnic.


The 20% set aside for the Mastiff Picnic will be reserved for the operating costs of the Picnic each year. These costs include our trailer license, website hosting, food, drinks, and general supplies.

We also use part of the 20% to help one or more needy mastiffs (reviewed and chosen by the Mastiff Picnic Board) that may need a lifesaving surgery or other health care costs.

Our Volunteers

Our Mastiff Picnic Staff & Volunteers

The Mastiff Picnic would not be possible every year without the Mastiff Picnic Staff and Volunteers, most of whom work year-round to make sure the Mastiff Picnic is the best possible event it can be; not only to provide an entertaining day for all attendees, but to raise as much money as possible for our beloved breed. To each and every one of you, thank you for your dedication, hard-work and love of English Mastiffs!

The Mastiff Picnic Board of Directors

Kim Murray

Monica Baughman

Shari Semelroth

Lisa Peachy

Kim Berube

Bev Ward

Valerie Felicetti

Tammy Kinkade

Lisa Gynn

We need your help to make the Mastiff picnic a success!

If you would like to donate to this great cause, or have a friend or a business associate that could help us, please contact Kim Murray. We need your help to make this day a success!

We need volunteers to help us collect donations. Will you ask your friends to donate items for our gift baskets? Do you know a business owner that would donate to our cause? No amount of help is too small!

All businesses and private donors are recognized on our Sponsors page, so please be sure to include all of the sponsor's information with the donation, such as business name, web site, and/or phone number! For private sponsors, please include their name and phone number as Kim Murray would like to thank them personally and make special arrangements for their sponsor block.

Become a volunteer today!

Volunteers are needed year-round, not just during the Mastiff Picnic...

We need volunteers out there to help us collect items for the Mastiff Picnic.  Talk to your friends, neighbors and business associates! Help us gather the donations needed to make the Mastiff Picnic a success.  To learn more about becoming a volunteer please fill out the volunteer form and we will be in contact with you. 

Thank you!

Help Our Cause

Please consider making a donation to help this wonderful cause remain a successful one. No amount of help is too small!

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